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The natural product and drug discovery research group has focused on the study of bioactive compounds from microbial and plants collected from local tropical forests or markets with anti-tuberculosis (targeting isoc itrate lyase and malate synthase), anti-kinases (ras/raf, MKK1, MSG, GSK3b), anti-phosphatases (PP1 and PP2) or photosensitivity (for photodynamic therapy, PDT) activities as well as increasing the plants secondary metabolites via tissue culture. Several screening studies have been published as research articles as well as master student’s thesis. Currently, the group has three scifund grants (amounted RM 800K) awarded by the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation, Malaysia, MOSTI on anti-tuberculosis, anti-kinases and PDT studies and is supporting 3 post graduates and many undergraduate students. We have the basic facilities for natural products study, developed bioassays as well as spectroscopic instruments for structure determination. We wish to contribute to the discovery of drug candidates by isolating and identifying novel bioactive compounds.

  Research Activities
  1. Screening, isolation and structure determination of bioactive compounds.
  2. Ex-situ enhancement of natural products & micropropagation.
  3. Products development.
  4. standardization & Quality control

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