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We focus in tissue or micropropagation of medicinal plants and ornamentalsuch as Labisa Pumila (kacip Fatimah), Centella Asiatica (pegaga) and endangered orchid species in Sabah. Cryopreservation methods are being developed to improved seed storage particularly orchid seed storage for germplasm conservation. We also study plant transformation using Agrobacterium and biolistic gun, as well the MADS-box genes that control growth development in commercial crop such as banana, rice, oil palm, and cocoa for crop improvement.
Our focuses are mainly on public health genomics and microbial genomics. Current research priority is on biomarkers development for cancer monitoring and management, especially screening test for early detection of colorectal cancer. We emphasize on cancer susceptibility genes and differentially expressed genes in colorectal cancer. The possible mechanisms of cancer development involving Glycogen synthase kinase-3 beta (GSK-3b), a kinase controlling numerous cellular and physiological processes are also being investigated.
Development of diagnostic kits and biosensor
This research focuses on the development of biosensor for environmental monitoring such alga toxin and herbicides detection.
We use bioinformatics as a power tool to predict protein-protein interaction of microbial serine/threonine kinases and phosphatases in host-pathogen interaction study with emphasis in mycobacterium and other tropical diseases.
Our proteomics and glycomics researches focus on immunoregulatory proteins and glycoproteins, in addition, anti cancer therapy using photodynamic therapy and inhibitors of Ras-raf,MKK,PP1/2A phosphatases and GSK3b produced by microbes and investigated. We also study the serine/ threonine kinases and phosphatases of mycobacterium and their involvement in signal transduction regulating bacterial growth.   
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