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Water Research Unit (WRU)


Water Research Unit is an independent research oriented unit under Universiti Malaysia Sabah, established in mid 2010. The main objective of WRU is to cover a wide range of researches including environmental, managerial, economic and social aspects. WRU is core research body for more than 15 fellows who are experienced in various field of expertise to implement research projects as well as advising governmental and private organization that pursue scientific approaches. It consists and collaborates with several laboratories within UMS seeking high quality research mind and activities. A part of her objectives, WRU implements a series of scheduled seminars and workshops to present areas of expertise and invite interested interested and talented young scientists who like to start research and publish in impacted factor journals.


Natural Disaster Research Unit (NDRU)


The occurrence of natural disasters such as floods and landslides are on the increase in Malaysia. While many researchers are in one way or another working on this problem, no specific institution has been established in Malaysia to seriously look into the studies of natural disasters. Recognizing the critical and urgent need for enhancing the capability of the country to manage natural disasters, Universiti Malaysia Sabah took the initiative to formally establish Natural Disasters Research Unit (NDRU) in early 2006. This Unit acts as focal point for all research activities in UMS that are related to natural disasters.

The objective of NDRU is to generate new knowledge related to the better understanding of the mechanism, impacts and mitigation of natural hazards towards the reduction of natural disasters in Malaysia.


The main functions of the NDRU are to:

  1. To undertake fundamental and applied research;
  2. To provide expertise for consultancy and service;
  3. To produce scientific and popular publications;
  4. To organize public awareness activities; and
  5. To develop a database on natural disaster in Malaysia.


Research Focus:

The Unit will give emphasis to the following field of study:

  1. Mechanism, impact and mitigation of slope stability and landslide;
  2. Impact and early warning system for flood;
  3. Development of policy on earthquake and tsunami;
  4. Mitigation of river bank and coastal erosion;
  5. Prediction of drought occurrence and mitigation of forest fires; and
  6. Prediction of storm and typhoon occurrence.




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