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1.Biodegradation of Phenol by Candida tropicalis: A Review

Piakong Mohd. Tuah and Mahyar Sakari


2.Review of Biodegradation Techniques of Phenolic Compounds

Farrukh Basheer and I.H. Farooqi


3. Synthesis of Phenolic Compounds in plants.

Mohammad Shaheen khan and Samina khan Yusufzai



4.Technologies for the Removal of Phenolic compounds from Environment

Ayaz Mohd Pasha and Shaista Ayaz


5.Carbohydrate hydrolyzing enzyme inhibitory potential of phenolics from Ficus beecheyana roots"

Faiyaz Ahmed,  Aamir H. Bhat and Alias A. Karim


6. Chromatographic analysis of Phenols in Environment

Iqbal Hussain and Afzal Hussain







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