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 Phenolic compounds appear naturally and from the anthropogenic sources in the environment. These compounds are chemically a direct bond of an hydroxyl group (-OH) to an Aromatic Hydrocarbon. The simplest form of these class of compounds is called Phenol or Carbolic Acid (C 6H 5OH). Naturally derived phemolic compounds are ubiquitous in plants and related natural products. These are used in food products as additives in milligram qualtities. Phenolic compounds may possibly derived from industrial processing such as wood and plastic factories, laboratory processes and chemical industries. The applications of phenolic compounds are vary from medical purposes to food and from industries to research laboratories. Beside positive values such as acting as antioxidants, phenolic compounds can be hazardous to human and the environmental compartments.


  In past 20 years, many researchers have published scientific reports on chemistry, natural products, hazards and removal of Phenolic compounds in the environment. The current book project, so called "Phenolic Compounds in the Environment; Appearances and Removal" aims to provide a comprehensive information for researchers, lecturers and postgraduate students as teaching and research material.


The project has invited potential authors from various research and academic institutions from around the world to contribute in this book. The editors of the book would like to welcome you to this project.




Associate Professor Piakong Mohd Tuah (PhD)

Mahyar Sakari (PhD)


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