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This research group brings together expertise from various discipline including geology, environmental science and chemistry. The group undertakes environmental-related  basic and applied research including on environmental pollution, environmental modeling, environmental assessment, environmental remediation, water and wastewater treatment, natural and anthropogenic hazards, geo-tourism.

Research Interests
Some of the on-going research carried out by the Group as follows:
1.      Coastal processes and geomorphologic al characteristics of major coastal towns in East Sabah for  assessment of Tsunami impacts.
2.      Policy and planning response for Earthquake and Tsunami hazards in Malaysia.
3.      Rock mass characterization of Crocker Formation in Kota Kinabalu, sabah.
4.      Engineering properties of Trusmadi Formation rocks and soils in Kundasang area.
5.      A too l for predicting seawater intrusion into small island’s aquifer.
6.      Subsurface water resources in sandy aquifer in Manukan and Pulau Tiga Island.
7.      Development of sponge gourd biosobent for water and wastewater treamtment.
8.      Chemical forms, availability and solubility of heavy metals in river sediments of varying parent material in Sabah.



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