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A lot of environmental problems can be viewed using mathematical equations, and by using several methods of solutions, either by the use of analytical methods (either theoretical or numerical methods) or by the use of experimental techniques to simulate the phenomena of our surrounding environment.
Those problems reflect the real world phenomena and can be related not only to our health, medical aspect, but also several social issues that enable us to simulate, control, predict the environmental problems in Sabah such as air pollution, waste disposal, bio-conservation, consumption of natural resources, high tide-low tide of sea level, marine aquaculture and etc.
Energy especially electricity is so important for factory, household, education, nation and country to generate economic development. In Sabah, there are a lot of areas for agriculture or aquaculture especially in rural or island areas respectively, which needs electricity to run their activities which include fertilizing plants, irrigating land, harvesting corps, drying, etc. however some rural areas still have no access and no supply of electricity, not only regarding the cost, but also on other issues such as maintenance, workers safety, distance and the accessibility. Thus there are many indirect factors that must be included and taken care in order to make sure that rural areas in Sabah are able to have power supply either by a normal source of electricity, generator or battery. Therefore the joint research with physics and electronic program in this issue is very important not only for commercial purposes but also non-commercial view.
Fuzzy Logic
The concept of fuzzy logic has been applied to diverse fields of research, such as artificial intelligence, artificial neural network, control theory, and among statisticians, who use Bayesian logic and engineers who use traditional two-valued logic. The collaboration set up together with the School of Engineering and Information Technology have a lot of impacts to enhance further research in this area especially in traffic controller and traffic simulation about selected junctions or roundabouts around Kota Kinabalu city.
Health & Medical
Statistical analysis has been applied in order to analyze data related to health and medical issues that were obtained either as secondary data from hospitals in Sabah or by collecting the data as primary data. It is not only several health problems within human are investigated, such as dengue risk factors, AIDS, tuberculosis in several areas around Sabah, however even parasites among animal including human also is one of target area.
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