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NOTE: Interested candidate for postgraduate studies should consult UMS Postgraduate Center at http://www.ums.edu.my/pasca/ or write to Dr. Jedol Dayou for discussion.


Name: Mr. Simun @ Jaineh Ammel Rugag @ Rukag (Sept 2019 - )
Research title: Kajian Penggunaan Parameter Optimum Bersama Kayu "Mondovungo" Yang Berparit Untuk Mempercepatkan Penghunian dan Pembinaan Sarang Burung Walit
E-mail: simun.jnjk@gmail.com
Supervision mode: Main supervisor (co-supervisor - Prof. Dr. Abdul Hamid Ahmad)

Name: Ms. Siti Sarah Junian (Feb 2018 - )
Research title: Application of Supercontinuum Generation as a Novel Sensor
E-mail: sarahjunian@gmail.com
Supervision mode: Main supervisor (co-supervisor - Dr. Asmahani Awang and Dr. Chee Fuei Pien)

Name: Ms. Liow Kai Sing
Research title: Synthesis, characterization, modification and improvement of electrolyte by modified nanosillica organo particle (MNSOP) as filler and crosslinking for the application in natural dye sensitized solar cell (DSSC)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kaising.liow
E-mail: liow_kaising@yahoo.com
Supervision mode: Co-supervisor (other supervisor/s: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Coswald Stephen Sipaut @ Mohd Nasri [Main], Dr. Rachel F. Mansa.)

  1. *Low Kai Sing, Coswald Stephen Sipaut, Rachel Fran Mansa & Jedol Dayou. 2014. Dye Sensitized Solar Cell Based on Polyethylene Glycol/4,4’Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate Copolymer Quasi Solid State Electrolyte. Applied Mechanics and Materials. 625(2014): 140-143 (Indexed by SCOPUS).
Name: Ms. Michelle Ung Mee Ching
Research title: Exploration of various local Borneo dye extracts for Dyed Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michelleung88
E-mail: meeching_88@hotmail.com
Supervision mode: Co-supervisor (other supervisor/s: Dr. Rachel F. Mansa [Main], Assoc. Prof. Dr. Coswald Stephen Sipaut @ Mohd Nasri)

  1. Mee Ching Ung, Rachel Fran Mansa, Coswald Stephen Sipaut & Jedol Dayou. 2015. Fabrication and analysis of photoelectrochemical properties of dye sensitized solar cell using Local Borneon Natural Dye Extracts. Advanced Materials Research. 1107(2015): 536 - 541 (Indexed by SCOPUS)


Name: Elleiancly Yuli
Research title: The inhibition of Ganoderma boninense using thiram-Zinc Oxide nanoparticles and lucsin.
Facebook: Yenn Y. U. Yakim
E-mail: elleianclyyuli[at]gmail.com
Supervision mode: Co-supervisor: Prof. Dr. Chong Khim Phin
Name: Salamah Binti Samsu
Research title: Study of protein-electromagnetic interaction for algae-oil extraction using low voltage pulsed electrical field.
E-mail: salamahsamsu[at]gmail.com
Supervision mode: Co-supervisor: Fouziah Binti Md. Yassin
Name: Marcella Lennie Micheal
Research title: Utilazition of NDT Utlrasonic Technology for Early Detection of Ganoderma boninense in Oil Palm.
Facebook: Marcella Lennie Micheal
E-mail: marcella93.michael[at]gmail.com
Supervision mode: Co-supervisor: Prof. Dr. Chong Khim Phin
Name: Khasidah Binti Kamarudin
Research title: Modification in structure and optical properties of glass using core-shell bimetllic nanoparticles.
Facebook: Khasidah Kamarudin
E-mail: khasidahkamarudin06[at]gmail.com
Supervision mode: Co-supervisor. Main supervisor: Dr. Asmahani Awang
Name: Mohd Hafizuddin bin Hanafiah
Research title: Study on the Effects of Physical Properties on the Sound and Vibrations of Sundatang Instrument.
Facebook: Hafizuddin Hanafiah
E-mail: hafizuddinhanafiah[at]yahoo.com.my
Supervision mode: Main supervisor. Co-supervisors: Dr. Ronald Yusri Batahong (Institute of Teacher Education Kent Campus, Tuaran), Dr. Ko Ying Hao (Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, Kuala Lumpur).
Name: Siti Nur Hajrah Binti Piara
Research title: Heat Absorbing Tellurite Glass Containing Rice Husk.
Facebook: Princess Arera
E-mail: sitinurhajrah[at]gmail.com
Supervision mode: Co-supervisor. Main supervisor: Dr. Asmahani Awang
August 2019
Name: Audrey Erik
Research title: The Investigation of Dielectric Electricity and the Development of Cosmic energy harvester device.
Facebook: Kachong Takun
E-mail: audreyerik94[at]gmail.com
Supervision mode: Sole supervisor
Name: Roderick R. Puvok
Research title: Low Power Long Range Global Positioning Satellite Tracking Device for Wildlife Monitoring.
Facebook: Roderick Puvok Karen Joenoi
E-mail: rodpuvok[at]gmail.com
Supervision mode: Sole supervisor


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