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NOTE: Interested candidate for postgraduate studies should consult UMS Postgraduate Center at http://www.ums.edu.my/pasca/ or write to Dr. Jedol Dayou for discussion.


Name: Ms. Rosina Baadu (Sept 2020 - )
Research title: Mutation Induction in Rice Varieties ( Oryza sativa L.) by Neutron Irradiation
E-mail: rosinabaadu@gmail.com
Supervision mode: Co-supervisor (Main Supervisor - Prof. Dr. Chong Khim Phin)

Name: Mr. Simun @ Jaineh Ammel Rugag @ Rukag (Sept 2019 - )
Research title: Kajian Penggunaan Parameter Optimum Bersama Kayu "Mondovungo" Yang Berparit Untuk Mempercepatkan Penghunian dan Pembinaan Sarang Burung Walit
E-mail: simun.jnjk@gmail.com
Supervision mode: Main supervisor (co-supervisor - Prof. Dr. Abdul Hamid Ahmad)

Name: Ms. Siti Sarah Junian (Feb 2018 - )
Research title: Application of Supercontinuum Generation as a Novel Sensor
E-mail: sarahjunian@gmail.com
Supervision mode: Main supervisor (co-supervisor - Dr. Asmahani Awang and Dr. Chee Fuei Pien)


Name: Nur Farahani Nabila Bt Sundian
Research title: Scaling Frequency Response Function for Improving Structural Mode Shape Detection in Impact Testing.
Facebook: Nabila
E-mail: nfns1312[at]gmail.com
Supervision mode: Sole supervisor
Name: Roderick R. Puvok
Research title: Low Power Long Range Global Positioning Satellite Tracking Device for Wildlife Monitoring.
Facebook: Roderick Puvok Karen Joenoi
E-mail: rodpuvok[at]gmail.com
Supervision mode: Sole supervisor
Name: Nur Nazleen Joss @ Johari
Research title: Earthquake Monitoring and Early Warning System.
Facebook: Nur Nazleen
E-mail: nazleenums[at]gmail.com
Supervision mode: Sole supervisor


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