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Name: Dr. Arnnyitte Alexander (2014 - 2018)
Research title: Characterization and profiling of cell wall lipids from Ganoderma Boninense-infected oil palm roots
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annette.alex.90?pnref=story
E-mail: aarnnyitte@yahoo.com
Supervision mode: Co-supervisor (Chong Khim Phin [Main Supervisor], Coswald Stephen Sipaut [Co-supervisor])

K. P. Chong, Jedol Dayou, A Alexander. 2017. Detection and Control of Ganoderma Boninense in Oil Palm Crop . Springer. ISBN 978-3-319-54969-9.

Journal paper
  1. A Alexander, Jedol Dayou, S Abdullah, *KP Chong. 2017. The changes of oil palm roots cell wall lipids during pathogenesis of Ganoderma boninense. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 77(2017), paper ID 012014.
  2. A. Alexander, C. S. Sipaut, Jedol Dayou, K. P. Chong. 2017. Oil Palm Roots Colonization By Ganoderma boninense: An Insight Study Using Scanning Electron Microscopy. Journal of Oil Palm Research, 29(2), 262 - 266 (Q4 ISI journal in 2015, IF: 0.544) - { Download File Size 531kB}.
  3. Arnnyitte Alexander, Coswald Stephen Sipaut, Khim Phin Chong, Ping Chin Lee, * Jedol Dayou. 2014. Sensitivity analysis of the detection of Ganoderma boninense infection in oil palm using FTIR. Transactions on Science and Technology . 1(1): 1–6.
  4. *Jedol Dayou, Arnnyitte Alexander, Coswald Stephen Sipaut, Chong Khim Phin, Lee Ping Chin 2014. On The Possibility of Using FTIR for Detection of Ganoderma Boninense in Infected Oil Palm Tree. International Journal of Advances in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering. 1(1): 161 - 163.
  5. Arnnyitte Alexander, *Jedol Dayou, Coswald Stephen Sipaut, Chong Khim Phin & Lee Ping Chin. 2014. Some interpretations on FTIR results for the detection of Ganoderma boninense in infected oil palm tissue. Advances in Environmental Biology. 8(14): 30 - 32 (SCOPUS/ISI cited journal).
Name: Dr. Ronald Yusri Batahong (PhD 2015)
Research title: Vibroacoustics studies of Sundatang
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=735502091
E-mail: ronalddo77@gmail.com
Job position now: Lecturer, Department of Science and Mathematics, Teachers Education Institute of Malaysia Keningau Campus, Locked Bag 11, 89009 Keningau, Sabah, MALAYSIA.

  1. Ronald Yusri Batahong, *Jedol Dayou, Semyung Wang & Jongsuh Lee. 2014. Vibrational Properties of Sundatang Soundboard. Archives of Acoustics . 39(2): 177-187. (ISI Impact Factor in 2013: 0.656)

Name: Dr. Chow Man Sang (PhD 2014)
Research title: Generating Electricity Using Piezoelectric Material
E-mail: ms_chow@yahoo.com
Job position now: Chief Executive Officer, Millennium Graduate Institute


Chow Man Sang, Jedol Dayou & Willey Y.H. Liew. 2014. Harvesting of Ambient Vibration Energy Using Piezoelectric . Scholar's Press. ISBN-10: 363951663X.

Journal paper
  1. Chow Man Sang, *Jedol Dayou & Willey Y.H. Liew. 2013. Increasing The Output From Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Using Width-Split Method With Verification. International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing . 14(12): 2149-2155 (ISI Impact Factor in 2012: 1.585, Q1 journal in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering).
  2. Jedol Dayou, W.Y.H. Liew & Man-Sang, C. 2012. Increasing the bandwidth of the width-split piezoelectric energy harvester. Microelectronics Journal . 43: 484 - 491 (ISI impact factor: 0.919, a Q2 journal in Control and Systems Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Nanoscience and Nanotechnology) { Download File Size 656kB}.
  3. Jedol Dayou, Chow Man Sang & W.Y.H. Liew. 2011. Harvesting electric charges from ambient vibration using piezoelectric. Borneo Science . 29: 23 - 31 { Download File Size 297kB} - (indexed by Google Scholar).
  4. Jedol Dayou & Man-Sang, C. 2011. Performance Study of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting to Flash a LED. International Journal of Renewable Energy Research . 1(4): 323-332. { Download File Size 496kB} - (indexed by Scopus).
  5. Jedol Dayou, Man-Sang, C., Dalimin, M. N. & Wang, S. 2009. Generating electricity using piezoelectric material. Borneo Science 24:47-51 { Download File Size 140kB} - (indexed by Google Scholar).


Name: Mr. Reuben Ho Chee Wui (MSc in Physics With Electronins 2019)
Research title: Investigation on the Gold Nanoparticles Concentration Effects to the Optical and Structural Properties of Nanostructure Glass.
E-mail: reuben-ho[at]hotmail.com
Supervision mode: Chairman (committee members: Dr. Alvie Lo Sin Voi, Dr. Asmahani Awang)

  1. Reuben Chee Wui Ho, *Asmahani Awang, Fuei Pien Chee, SK Ghoshal, Khasidah Kamarudin, HAA Sidek, Jedol Dayou. 2017. Tuning Acoustic Properties of Glass via Growth of Gold Nanoparticles. Transactions on Science and Technology, 4(1), 22-29..
Name: Mr. Costantine Joannes (MSc in Chemical Engineering 2018)
Research title: The Investigation of Lipid Extraction From Microalga Using Electrolysis Treatment Method.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cons.joannesgaduon
E-mail: slct88{at}gmail.com
Supervision mode: Co-supervisor (other supervisor/s: Dr. Rachel F. Mansa [Main], Assoc. Prof. Dr. Coswald Stephen Sipaut @ Mohd Nasri)

  1. *Rachel Fran Mansa, Coswald Stephen Sipaut, Suhaimi Md. Yasir, Jedol Dayou & Costantine Joannes. (2018). A Feasibility Study Using Electrolysis Treatment (ET) As the Pre-treatment Method to Extract Lipid from Chlorella sp. for Biodiesel Production. Pertanika Journal of Science and Technology - Accepted (Indexed by SCOPUS/ISI).
  2. *Rachel Fran Mansa, Coswald Stephen Sipaut, Suhaimi Md. Yasir, Jedol Dayou & Costantine Joannes. (2018). Comparative Studies of Cell Growth, Total Lipid and Methyl Palmitate of Ankistrodesmus sp. in Phototrophic, Mixotrophic and Heterotrophic Cultures for Biodiesel Production. International Journal of Renewable Energy Research, 8(1), 438-450 (Indexed by SCOPUS/ISI).
  3. C Joannes, RF Mansa, SM Yasir & *Jedol Dayou (2016). Comparative Studies of Cell Growth of Freshwater Microalga Chlorella Sp. in Photoautotrophic, Heterotrophic and Mixotrophic Cultures. Jurnal Teknologi, 78(7), 83-89 (Indexed by SCOPUS)
  4. Costantine Joannes, Coswald Stephen Sipaut, Jedol Dayou, Suhaimi Md.Yasir & Rachel Fran Mansa. 2015. The Potential of Using Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) Technology as the Cell Disruption Method to Extract Lipid from Microalgae for Biodiesel Production. International Journal of Renewable Energy Research. 5(2): 598-621 (Indexed by SCOPUS).
  5. C Joannes, C S Sipaut, J Dayou, S M Yasir & R F Mansa. 2015. Review Paper on Cell Membrane Electroporation of Microalgae using Electric Field Treatment Method for Microalgae Lipid Extraction. IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering. 78(2015): 012034 - (SCOPUS/ISI cited publication)
Name: Nur Syahirah Binti Zainuddin (MSc 2018)
Research title: Development of ozonated water generator with high concentration and half life.
Facebook: Nur Syahirah Zainuddin
E-mail: nsya_nsz[at]yahoo.com
Supervision mode: Co-supervisor. Main supervisor: Dr. Chee Fuei Pien
Name: Ms. Kartini Sukarno (MSc 2018)
Research title: Evaluation of Solar Photovoltaic Panel Performance and Estimation of Solar Energy Potential in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kartini.sukarno
E-mail: kartini_sukarno91@yahoo.com
Supervision mode: Main supervisor (cosupervised by Mr. Ag Sufiyan Abd Hamid)

  1. *Khan Vun Teong, Kartini Sukarno, Jackson Hian Wui Chang, Fuei Pien Chee, Chong Mun Ho, Jedol Dayou. 2017. The Monsoon Effect on Rainfall and Solar Radiation in Kota Kinabalu. Transactions on Science and Technology, 4(4), 460 - 465.
  2. Kartini Sukarno, Ag Sufiyan Abd Hamid*, Halim Razali, Jedol Dayou. 2017. Evaluation on Cooling Effect on the Solar PV Power Output Using Laminar H2O Surface Method. International Journal of Renewable Energy Research, 7(3), 1213 - 1218. (Indexed by SCOPUS and ISI)
  3. Kartini Sukarno, Ag Sufiyan Abd Hamid*, Chang H W Jackson, Chee Fuei Pien, Jedol Dayou. 2017. Comparison of Power Output between Fixed and Perpendicular Solar Photovoltaic Panel in Tropical Climate Region. Advanced Science Letters, 23, 1259–1263 (Indexed by SCOPUS)
  4. Kartini Sukarno, *Ag. Sufiyan Abd Hamid, Jedol Dayou, Mohamad Zul Hilmey Makmud & Mohd Sani Sarjadi. 2015. Measurement of Global Solar Radiation in Kota Kinabalu Malaysia. ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 10(15): 6467 - 6471. (Indexed by SCOPUS)
Name: Ms. Nur Hasinah Najiah Binti Maizan (MSc 2017)
Research title: Establishment of Perez Du-Mortier Calibration Algorithm as a Sunphotometers Calibration Protocal at Altitude Above Sea Level.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hasinahnajiah
E-mail: hasinahmaizan@gmail.com
Supervision mode: SMain supervisor (cosupervised by Jackson Hian Wui Chang).

  1. Nur Hasinah Najiah Binti Maizan, Jackson Chang Hian Wui, Jumat Sulaiman, * Jedol Dayou (2016). Langley Calibration of Sun Photometer at Kinabalu Park (1574 M a.s.l.) Using PDM Algorithm and Statistical Filter. Transactions on Science and Technology, 3(3), 455 - 461.
  2. Chang H. W. J., Maizan N. H. N., Chee F. P., Sentian J., Kong S. S. K. and Dayou J. (2016). Saturation and Parabolic Effects of Langley Calibration at Different Altitude Levels. ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 11(21), 12681-12689 (Indexed by SCOPUS).
  3. Rubena Binti Yusoff, Natalie Vanessa Boyou, *Jedol Dayou, Chin Su Na, Ag. Sufiyan Abd. Hamid, Fauziah Sulaiman & Nur Hasinah Najiah Binti Maizan. 2015. Variation Over Time of the Du Mortier Calibration Algorithm for Ground-Based Spectrometer. Advances in Environmental Biology. 9(10): 14-18 - (SCOPUS/ISI cited journal)
  4. Nur Hasinah Najiah Binti Maizan, Rubena Binti Yusoff & *Jedol Dayou. 2015. Measurement of Cloud Optical Depth Using Sunphotometer Calibrated by PDM Algorithm. Advances in Environmental Biology. 9(10): 19-25 - (SCOPUS/ISI cited journal)
Name: Ms. Stephanie Lau Chai Tying (MSc 2016)
Research title: Evaluation of Modified Nano-SiO2/TiO2 as a Photoanode Material for Dye Sensitized Solar Cell.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stephanie.tying
E-mail: slct88@gmail.com
Supervision mode: Co-supervisor (other supervisor/s: Dr. Rachel F. Mansa [Main], Assoc. Prof. Dr. Coswald Stephen Sipaut @ Mohd Nasri)

  1. Stephanie Lau Chai Tying, Jedol Dayou, Coswald Stephen Sipaut & *Rachel Fran Mansa 2014. Development in Photoanode Materials for High Efficiency Dye Sensitized Solar Cells. International Journal of Renewable Energy Research . 4(3): 665 - 674 (Indexed by SCOPUS).
  2. *Stephanie Lau Chai Tying, Coswald Stephen Sipaut, Jedol Dayou & Rachel Fran Mansa. 2014. Sol gel synthesized nanosilica as photoanode material for dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) system. Applied Mechanics and Materials. 625(2014): 110-113 (Indexed by SCOPUS).
Choo Ying Ying Name: Ms. Choo Ying Ying (MSc 2015)
Research title: Harvesting Electricity from Living Plants Using Electrochemistry Approach with the Aid of the Photosynthesis Process
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ying2c
E-mail: ivy_choo@hotmail.com
Supervision mode: Sole supervisor

  1. Fuei Pien Chee, Cheng Ann Chen, Jackson Hian Wui Chang, Ying Ying Choo, * Jedol Dayou (2016). Data Acquisition System for in situ Monitoring of Chemo-electrical Potential in Living Plant Fuel Cells. Journal of Biophysics, 2016, Article ID 6108056 {available upon request} (Indexed by SCOPUS).
  2. Ying Ying Choo & *Jedol Dayou (2016). Modelling of the Electricity Generation from Living Plants. Jurnal Teknologi, 78(6), 29 - 33 { Download File Size 309kB} (Indexed by SCOPUS).
  3. Ying Ying Choo, *Jedol Dayou & Noumie Surugau. 2014. Origin of Weak Electrical Energy Production From Living-Plants. International Journal of Renewable Energy Research . 4(1): 198 - 203 { Download File Size 445kB} (Indexed by SCOPUS).
  4. Choo Ying Ying & *Jedol Dayou. 2014. Increasing the Energy Output from Living-plants Fuel Cells with Natural Photosynthesis. Advances in Environmental Biology. 8(14): 20 - 23 { Download File Size 450kB} (SCOPUS/ISI cited journal).
  5. Ying Ying Choo & *Jedol Dayou. 2013. A method to harvest electrical energy from living plants. Journal of Science and Technology . 5(1): 79 - 90 { Download File Size 517kB} - (indexed by Open Journal System and Google Scholar).
Name: Mr. Andrew Wong Tee Hao (MSc 2015)
Research title: Modelling and Analysis of Sompoton Vibrator Using Cantilever Beam Model
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=682551661
E-mail: andrew_wth@hotmail.com
Job position now: Lecturer, School of Foundation Studies, University College of Technology Sarawak.

  1. Tee Hao Wong, *Jedol Dayou, M.C.D. Ngu, Jackson H.W. Chang & Willey Y.H. Liew. 2013. Clamped bar model for sompoton vibrator. To appear in Archives of Acoustics . Vol 38 Issue 3 - (ISI Impact Factor in 2012: 0.829).
  2. Tee Hao Wong, M. C. D. Ngu, Jackson H. W. Chang, *Jedol Dayou & W. Y. H. Liew. 2013. Analysis of vibrator for sompoton using cantilever beam model. Borneo Science . 32: 13 - 19 { Download File Size 614kB}.
Jackson Chang Name: Mr. Jackson H.W. Chang (MSc 2014)
Research title: Development of near-sea-level Langley calibration algorithm for aerosol optical depth measurement
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1268763792
E-mail: jacksonchang87@hotmail.com
Job position now: Lecturer, Preparatory Center for Science and Technology, Universiti Malaysia Sabah


Jedol Dayou, Jackson Hian Wui Chang & Justin. 2014. Ground-Based Aerosol Optical Depth Measurement Using Sunphotometers . Springer. ISBN 978-981-287-101-5.

Journal paper
  1. Jackson H.W. Chang, *Jedol Dayou & Justin Sentian. 2014. Development of near-sea-level calibration algorithm for aerosol optical depth measurement using ground-based spectrometer. Aerosol and Air Quality Research . 14(1):386-395. (ISI Impact Factor in 2011: 2.827).
  2. *Jedol Dayou, Jackson Hian Wui Chang, Rubena Yusoff, Ag. Sufiyan Abd. Hamid, Fauziah Sulaiman & Justin Sentian. 2013. Development of Perez-Du Mortier Calibration Algorithm for Ground-Based Aerosol Optical Depth Measurement with Validation using SMARTS Model. International Journal of Physical Science and Engineering . 7(10): 933-938.
  3. Jackson H.W. Chang, *Jedol Dayou & Justin Sentian. 2013. Investigation of Short Time Scale Variation of Solar Radiation Spectrum in UV, PAR, and NIR Bands due to Atmospheric Aerosol and Water Vapor. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology . 2013(73): 1112 - 1117 { Download File Size 490kB} - (indexed by Scopus).
  4. Jackson H.W. Chang, Jedol Dayou & *Justin Sentian. 2013. Diurnal evolution of solar radiation in UV, PAR and NIR bands in high air masses. Nature Environment and Pollution Technology . 12(1): 1 - 6 { Download File Size 307kB} - (indexed by Scopus).
NAME: Mr. Ng Chee Han (MPhil 2011)
TITLE: Identification of selected frogs acoustics samples using wavelet entropy
Supervision mode: Main supervior (co-supervised by Prof. Dr. Sithi Vinayakam A/L Muniandy [Department of Physics, University of Malaya] and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Hamid Ahmad)

NAME: Mr. Ronald Yusri Batahong (MSc 2006)
TITLE: Acoustics studies of klintangan
Supervision mode: Sole supervior

NAME: Mr. Ong Chen Wei (MSc 2006)
TITLE: Study on sound production mechanisms of sompoton
Job position now: Metrologist, Malaysian Meteorological Department.


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