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Services to the University 2018

  1. Coordinator of SR00102 - Industrial Revolution and Research Methodology for Physics With Electronics programme (2 Semester, Session 2017/2018).
  2. Chairman for Viva-Voce proceeding - Mr. Khalifa Chekima. 30 January 2018. Title: Enhancing Sentiment Analysis of Malay Language Subjective Text.
  3. Internal Assessor for research grant application in Pure and Applied Science (2014 - 2019)
  4. Organizing Committee, 3rd International Conference on Science and Natural Resources 2018. 1-2 April, 2018. Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia (the conference was co-organized by UniSE International and Universiti Malaysia Sabah)
  5. Maintaining artificial mini waterfall at the Faculty of Science and Natural Resources entrance lobby. This maintenance activities was coordinated with the postgraduate students of e-VIBS
  6. Referee for book title - Gelombang Mekanik, Bunyi dan Gelombang Bunyi


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